HubSpot Growth Series:
The Modern Sales Organization

Entrepreneurs’ Organization and HubSpot for Startups are joining forces to bring you the best-in-class experts on sales teams and strategy in a four-part virtual workshop series that will provide actionable steps, resourceful tools, and efficient tactics for growing your business.

Feb 2 | Feb 4 | Feb 9 | Feb 11

The current turbulent times can feel like the ultimate test of resiliency for any business. Despite the ongoing uncertainty, there are ways to find a pathway to thriving.

Join us for this dynamic four-part virtual workshop series designed for early-stage companies looking to learn how to build a modern sales team with an “Always be Helping” mentality that generates a competitive advantage for 2021 and beyond. Register now.

Meet the Speakers

Series Workshops

A humorous, fast-paced presentation that explains personal and professional changes you can leverage to make your year productive, impactful, exciting, and fun. Dan Tyre speaks to thousands of people per year on the subtle and not so subtle changes that have occurred in the last twenty years - and then changed again in the last 24 months - to help you win in the 21st century. Fast-paced, insightful, directive, and effective, this presentation is a great way to get your audience focused, motivated, and ready to perform.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personal responsibility
  • Setting goals for you and your team
  • How to battle through the downturns
  • Creating a mission-driven organization
  • Dealing with endless priorities
  • 5 simple techniques for having your best year ever
  • Tracking success

What do the leaders of the best brands in the world know about sales that you don't? 

They know that their BRAND has the power to create the condition of irrational loyalty, a bond so strong that their customers would feel they were CHEATING on them were they to choose a competitor. The best brands in the world leverage that power in the sales process to attract and retain legions of irrationally loyal fans who purchase, repurchase, and advocate for their brands. 

In this engaging and fast-paced session, bestselling author and branding expert Deb Gabor will guide audiences through a rapid sprint to define and articulate their brand's core DNA and infuse that into the selling process. Audience members will leave this session with a brand "blueprint" that informs their selling strategies and messaging, and they'll be ready to execute the very next day.

Key Takeaways:

  • Define what is a “brand” 
  • Understand the importance of branding for informing sales strategies and messaging
  • Gain insight into why even B2B and hard-core technology companies need brands
  • Assess the timing for engaging in branding activities
  • How-to: get tactical takeaways to create the foundation for their companies’ brands

Do you know that your business and people offer something special and are sick and tired of taking two steps forward and five steps sideways waiting for your ICPs to realize it too?! Let’s talk through an actual experience share from Mike Rose, Founder & CEO of Inc Best Workplace and Forbes Best Small Company in America, Mojo Media Labs, a full-service HubSpot Solutions Partner, and certified Story Brand Agency Guide. Mike will share how an emphasis on extreme alignment in sales and marketing with an account-based approach, layered with a focus of clear storytelling and a concerted growth plan has propelled Mojo past a growth plateau, and into 2021 with a blastoff! Learn how they’re consulting their clients to do so through the same repeatable, yet customizable process, and how you can implement actionable solutions for your SMB business to do the same.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get on the #samepage! Alignment, and how to get there
  • It goes deeper than ABX and alignment… Do you have a growth mindset?
  • Step by step actions your ABX committee and/or leadership teams need to implement to get serious results
  • For the super tangible takeaway… ​Access to Mike’s proven ABM Resources Hub and brainchild!

As they get close to crossing $1Bn in ARR, HubSpot continues to grow at a very rapid pace. There is a very select group of $1Bn companies globally that can maintain HubSpot’s high pace of growth. A key element of that growth is HubSpot’s sales team which overperforms year after year even during leadership changes and a global pandemic. David Torres has been one of the most awarded sales leaders at HubSpot and will share insights into how HubSpot recruits, onboards, trains, and measures sales teams to keep beating their targets and performance metrics.

Key Takeaways:

  • How does HubSpot build a customer-centric sales culture?
  • What does World-Class talent acquisition look like?
  • How does HubSpot increase productivity with ramping reps>
  • Why is HubSpot more worried about Daily Opportunity Creation than MRR Forecast?

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