January 2023
Founder Bootcamps

Expand your founder tool belt and learn alongside your peers in these free interactive bootcamps from HubSpot Academy. Join before January 24!

How to Access Bootcamps: 

1. Submit your HubSpot for Startups application through any of our 4,000+ partners to get started. This ensures you have a free HubSpot account for the coursework and unlocks HubSpot savings of up to 90%!
2. Request more info here to receive application details for each program via email.
Hurry, classes begin January 24th!
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Inbound Sales Certification (3 hours)

Nail down the fundamentals of Inbound Sales and learn how to shape your sales process around how your customers buy with one of our highest-rated self-paced courses! Recommended coursework for those interested in "Pipeline Generation" or "Sales Skills" Bootcamps.

Available On-Demand.


Pipeline Generation Bootcamp (6 weeks)

Frustrated by a lack of new sales opportunities? Learn modern prospecting tactics that win as well as how to identify and qualify the best targets. (Also available in Spanish or French).

Begins January 24th, 2023.


Sales Skills Bootcamp (6 weeks)

Learn how to ask the right questions at the right time to improve your discovery abilities, answer customer objections, and raise your close rate with ease. (Also available in Spanish or French).

Begins January 24th, 2023.


Video Marketing Bootcamp (6 weeks)

Looking to implement a video strategy for your marketing plan? Whether you currently create video content for your business, or are looking to start, this course will show you how to plan an effective strategy and track results in realtime.

Begins January 25th, 2023.


Community Building Bootcamp (6 weeks)

Learn how to build and generate growth from your very own community of dedicated customer advocates.

Begins Feb 2nd, 2023.

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