Fundraising During a Difficult Time
Tools & Resources for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Raising capital is one of the main responsibilities of an entrepreneur, from friends and family to institutional rounds. If you add economic uncertainty to the equation, we know it may be hard to think about anything else - so let us help. Keep scrolling to explore 5 resources startups can use today to secure funding, even in tough economic times.

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Where to Find Public and Private Small Business Funding in 2020

The process of acquiring funding is not one size fits all, especially in challenging times like today. Finding yourself asking which funding option is right for your particular business? Then this article is for you. Learn about the national funding resources available to small business and get tips on picking the right funding.

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Pitch Deck Template for Startups

Giving a rockstar pitch is essential to the survival of any startup. However, delivering a pitch that inspires is much easier said than done. That's why we created this pitch deck template so you can spend less time focusing on the little details that go into making your deck and more time out there actually pitching!

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The 15 Best Crowdfunding Sites to Help You Raise Money

In challenging economic times, startups must get creative about where they acquire funding. Luckily, banks aren't the only option these days. Check out these 15 crowdfunding sites that can help you raise money in exchange for equity, rewards, debt, or nothing at all.

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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Venture Capitalists

When a startup is in search of funding, one option is to work with a venture capitalist. But, what is a venture capitalist? And is it the right funding option for you? In this article, you will learn what you need to have prepared before you pitch to a VC, how to pick the right amount to raise for your round and more.

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Debt to Equity Ratio, Demystified

In challenging times, startups often need to reassess their debt-to-equity ratio. This ratio shows how exactly your capital has been raised and tells lenders and investors how financially stable or risky your business might be. In this guide, learn about the formula used to find your debt-to-equity ratio and why it's important.

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