Investor Connect:
Unlocking the Power of Connection for Startups

HubSpot for Startups members are invited to join our new Investor Connect pilot.

Unlock exclusive access to unite with global VCs that are ready to hear your pitch and help you get to the next funding stage.
Investor Connect

What is Investor Connect?

HubSpot for Startups has partnered with Vestbee to help connect the global VCs in our network, with startup founders and entrepreneurs looking for advice on growth, and access to more funding.

By joining this pilot, you will have the opportunity to create a detailed profile outlining your startup, the success you've achieved to date, and your future growth plans.

HubSpot will act as a startup scout, giving you access to gain visibility with global VCs.
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Who should create an Investor Connect profile?

  • HubSpot for Startups members - join free here
  • Startups that were founded less than 10 years ago
  • Post-product, early-revenue or early-traction to mature-scaling startups
  • Startups ready to raise (have a pitch deck and fundraising within the next 3-6 months)
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Why should you join Investor Connect?

  • Your profile will be showcased to the global group of VCs on our pilot which includes the likes of Sequoia, Octopus Ventures, Speedinvest and many more
  • The globally spread HubSpot for Startups team will highlight your profile to the pilot VCs
  • We will be hosting exclusives events as part of the Investor Connect Pilot in 2024
  • Get access to exclusive fundraising content and offers as part of Investor Connect

Some Investors in the Pilot Include:

How can you join?


Step 1: Sign up to the free HubSpot for Startups program here if you haven't already done so (no purchase necessary).

Step 2: Fill out the form below. Then check your inbox* for the link to start creating your profile.

*It may take a few hours for the email to arrive in your inbox.


A few things to note


  • This pilot is currently being offered to HubSpot for Startups members on an invite-only basis
  • Please read the terms & conditions listed below
  • Add detailed information to your profile, filling out all the relevant questions - we recommend giving quality answers to stand out, this will also help you reach more investors

Join the Pilot

Please read the terms & conditions highlighted here. We reserve the right to remove your profile from Vestbee and the Investor Connect pilot. 

By Submitting the form below, you are opting in to the Investor Connect Pilot and accept the terms & conditions.


  • We have a minimum amount of information that you will need to fill out in order to submit your profile. This includes company name, sector, country, pitch deck and more. Certain information such as annual revenue, MRR and video pitch is optional.
  • Your profile cannot be viewed by other startups. It is only accessible by the global investors that are participating in this pilot.
  • Please reach out to if you have any other questions and the team will be happy to help.