How Startups Can Leverage Partnerships for Growth

Learn how four CEOs are driving revenue, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction through partnerships.

Conversation from January 10, 2023

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About this Session

The way businesses buy has changed. The typical business buyer prefers to rely on their networks for recommendations and to embark on a more self-serve journey.

Partners have a key role to play in this new landscape. In addition to sending referrals, partners can help co-market, co-sell, co-build, and co-service products. This decreases customer acquisition costs and improves customer satisfaction. 

On this panel, the CEOs of NextRoll, PartnerStack, Hightouch, and Winning by Design will share their advice on how to leverage partnerships for growth. Before the webinar, you can also read our report on building a partner program to learn more.


Meet the Panel

Kelly Sarabyn headshot

Kelly Sarabyn, HubSpot

Kelly is the Platform Ecosystem Advocate at HubSpot.

Roli Saxena headshot

Roli Saxena, NextRoll

Roli is the CEO of NextRoll. The owner of RollWorks and AdRoll, NextRoll enables businesses to effectively leverage data to better target buyers.

Kashish Gupta headshot

Kashish Gupta, Hightouch

Kashish is the co-founder and co-CEO of Hightouch makes it easy for businesses to activate their data from their data warehouse.

Bryn Jones headshot

Bryn Jones, PartnerStack

Bryn is the CEO and co-founder of PartnerStack. Companies leverage PartnerStack to manage all their partnerships in one place.

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Dominique Levin, Winning by Design

Dominique is the CEO of Winning by Design, an agency that helps SaaS companies to drive more revenue through improved processes and playbooks.

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