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Monthly Finance Playbook for Startups

HubSpot for Startups has partnered with Forecastr, an easy-to-use online financial modeling platform, to produce a comprehensive monthly finance playbook for startups.
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As a founder, managing your startup’s finances is the most important responsibility you have.

This playbook, authored by Steven Plappert, Co-founder & CEO at Forecastr, will help you better understand your finances, plan your growth, and impress investors to raise more capital.

This playbook will help you...

  • Build your financial model using easy templates
  • Execute a monthly finance playbook designed for startups
  • Measure performance and identify potential problems before they happen
  • Build financial predictions to better understand your runway
  • Impress investors with data-driven financials

Download Playbook

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Forecastr is the "Carta of Financial Models" that helps startups raise capital, hit growth targets, & maintain better financial health. Our SaaS platform and expert humans make building & managing a financial model easier, less time-consuming, and more impactful. We've already worked with over 500 startups, and we'd love to work with you too!

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