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Scale Your Startups Revenue with No Money, Using Social Media and AI.

Join us for a practical session where startup founders will learn how to leverage automation, AI and social media to generate more revenue and scale faster with limited resources and no money.

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About the Session:

This workshop is best for startups who want to move to scaleup and beyond, using the power of automation, AI and social media. 

Sendible, the social media management tool and content experts, will be joining us to share some easy-to-use social media growth hacking strategies you can put into place, to boost your startup's revenue immediately.

We'll also be joined by HubSpot Academy where you will get a practical session on how to use HubSpot's new AI tools to help with your content creation and much more, meaning you can scale faster with fewer resoures.

HubSpot's new AI tools enable you to interact with your HubSpot data simply by chat commands to build reports, email sequences, create content and countless other tasks in minutes, meaning automation, and running your business, just got easier!


We will be covering:

  • How to build your first social media strategy
  • Growth-hacking strategies you can put into place immediately
  • How HubSpot's new AI tools can help with scaling your startup faster
  • How to use social media tools and a CRM to grow your online and social media presence 
  • ... and much more!


🎁 Don't forget to claim your FREE HubSpot Portal before joining this practical session. You'll also get exclusive access to HubSpot's AI tools, ChatSpot and Content Assistant.


About Sendible:

Sendible is the budget-friendly social media management platform trusted by over 30,000+ agencies and marketers. Grow your audience, attract new customers, and reach your social media goals with a reliable tool backed by 15 years of experience and a global support team.

With Sendible, you can schedule a month’s worth of content in minutes by bulk uploading content, keep brand aesthetics on point by easily customising content by channel, and get an overview of your best-performing posts to understand what’s working with automated reports.

Meet the Speakers

sarah siems headshot

Sarah Siems - Partnerships Marketing Manager @ Sendible

Sarah Siems is the Marketing Partnerships Manager at Sendible. Throughout the years she has managed social for numerous female-founded start-ups in the lifestyle and technology industries. She managed the socials from building strategies and creating content to forming lasting relationships with influencers and partners. Now at Sendible, she is working on developing partnerships with the leading social media experts and thought leaders of the industry.
Irina Nica

Irina Nica - Product Marketing Manager @ HubSpot

Irina is a dedicated and enthusiastic marketer who simply loves all things tech! She's been behind the scenes, adding her passion to a variety of B2B SaaS companies - from the vibrant energy of startups to the dynamic challenge of multinational enterprises. Irina’s career journey has always been driven by her love for bringing new products to life and watching them help businesses grow.

Currently, Irina is a Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot, with a keen focus on cutting-edge generative AI features like content assistant and ChatSpot. Through her work, she continues to empower businesses with smarter technology, one innovative project at a time!


Anna Gordon

Anna Gordon - Head of HubSpot for Startups, UKI

Anna manages the HubSpot for Startups program for UK & Ireland. Through partnering with VCs, Accelerators and Incubators, she educates startups on all things sales & marketing. Prior to HubSpot, Anna worked at Enterprise Ireland where she both advised and secured investment for Irish tech startups and SMBs.


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