HubSpot for Startups Exclusive:
Startup Expert AMA Series

October 30th, 2019 - December 11th, 2019

Building and scaling a business is hard. And finding knowledgeable mentors to answer your questions can be even more challenging. That's why we have brought together 14 startup experts to answer your unfiltered questions, from what VCs really want to know, to tips and tricks on acquiring your first customer

HubSpot is hosting an exclusive six-week digital series for our partners and their startups. To save your spot, sign up below. The series will run from October 30th to December 11th, and end with an AMA with HubSpot's founder, and long-time angel investor, Dharmesh Shah. 

Speakers and Sessions


Week 1 | Powerful Pitching:
Get Your Funding Fast

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A great pitch deck is critical for any startup, regardless of your goal. From raising a round of funding from a VC to acquiring your first customer to hiring an awesome team, a clear and concise pitch deck is needed. Join Brandon Greer as he answers all your questions on how to make the perfect pitch deck.

Alex Batdorf&EmilyRaleigh-2

Week 2 | Prepare For The Hot Seat:
Top Questions VCs Ask

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When it comes to acing your pitch, half the battle is anticipating the questions an investor is bound to ask. Discover precisely what VCs are looking for so you can impress investors and fundraise like a seasoned pro. Join Alex Batdorf, step into the investor's shoes, and discover exactly what it takes to get a "yes!"


Week 3 | Small Team, Big Impact:
The Power of Content Marketing

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Small startup teams (read: no team!) can still make an impact with content marketing. In fact, almost 50% of buyers read at least 3 pieces of content before purchasing. Content marketing is more important than ever. Join Meghan Keaney Anderson as she answers your questions on how to think about content as a startup, and tips and tricks on where to start, today!


Week 4 | PR Hacking:
Generate Buzz At Low or No Cost

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Every founder wants to build the next hot startup. The key to becoming a popular company? PR. Join us as we talk to PR gurus Annie Shapiro and Denise Quashie and ask how you can generate buzz for your startup, no matter your budget.
Jon and Amanda

Week 5 | Seal the Deal:
Strategies to Acquire New Customers

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No matter what stage your startup is, acquiring customers is a challenge, and necessary! From your early customer acquisition efforts to building a full go-to-market team with marketing and sales leaders, Jon Dick, VP of Go-to-Market at HubSpot, will answer all your questions and help you scale your business through successful customer acquisition. 

Dhamresh + Katie + Ashley-2

Week 6 | Creating A Winning Team:
Crafting Company Culture From Day One

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If you want your company to thrive, make sure your team thrives first–and from day one. Learn how to create a world-class company culture from two leaders who have already done it. Join Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot's Co-founder and CTO, and Katie Burke, HubSpot's Chief People Officer, as they answer your questions about building a company employees love.

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