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Free Startup Pitch Deck Template to Secure Investment

Startup pitch decks are the key to securing funds for growing your business. Use our free template to help your startup grow.

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Pitch Deck Basics:

There are some overarching characteristics that make for a great pitch deck. While you can pick and choose certain elements, your startup pitch deck should have the following basic qualities:

  • Design-forward: Customers expect a better experience with your product and that’s achieved through better UX and graphic design. Show your team’s design chops with thoughtful deck design and mock-ups.
  • Comprehensive: Be prepared to answer any questions from potential investors. Your slides should cover enough so if they check back for reminders after the presentation, they’ll find the most important information.
  • Engaging: A startup pitch deck inevitably includes some boring elements. Your job is to keep it exciting and break up information-heavy slides with features like illustrations and block quotes.
  • Straightforward: It’s easy to get caught up with sharing every detail, but it’s more important that your potential investors understand your pitch. For more complicated slides and ideas, pare down your pitch to make it easier to understand.

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