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2019 State of Agency Selling

A Comprehensive Look at Agency New Business Strategy

What You'll Learn

What does the sales process at your company look like? 

Maybe you’ve been in the agency space for a few years, and have a solid process in place to close new clients. Maybe your agency is new, and you’re still figuring out what works for your business. Or, maybe you’re somewhere in between. No matter the stage, sales undoubtedly plays a major role. After all, it’s how you win clients, expand your portfolio, and generate revenue.

For this report, HubSpot surveyed over 1,400 agency professionals from around the world to uncover the biggest sales challenges that agencies face today.

This report is full of actionable data that can help inform your own agency’s new business strategy. Gain insight into the typical agency sales process, responsibilities of in-house sales reps, and the tools and methods used to attract and close new business.

To help you tackle these challenges, we’ve also included expert advice from seasoned agency professionals. They’ll teach you how to take your sales strategy to the next level and close more clients.

We hope you find the data presented in this report valuable for informing the sales processes within your own agency.

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We surveyed over 1,400 agencies from all over the world about their sales process.

57% of agencies report referrals as their main driver of leads.

As word of mouth becomes more important for businesses everywhere, agencies must adapt their business strategies to ensure that they can generate quality leads, build trust with their prospects and clients, and ultimately win more new business.

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77% of agencies prospect to find new leads, and nearly half prospect at least once a week.

That’s a lot of time, energy, and resources devoted to finding new clients.

This tells us two things - you can read more about that here!

More and more, agencies are adopting taking on recurring work over once-off project work. Our research found that over one third of agencies service at least one to three retainers per month, with others servicing even more.

Find out more about this insight here!

Inside You'll Learn:
  • What are the most common challenges agencies face today when trying to win new business?
  • Who typically does the selling in agencies?
  • What are the most effective tools that agencies use to win new clients?
  • How agencies make their money (project-based revenue vs recurring work)?
  • What do agency sales teams look like, and how big are they?
  • Are quotas useful, and how are new business goals best measured?

Hear From Top Agency Executives

  • Mike Lieberman
    Today your prospects can find out anything they want about your business, so there is no reason to spend any time doing a capabilities presentation or traditional sales pitch. Winning new business is about the entire experience your prospects have with your company, not about a final deck, pitch or presentation.

    Mike Lieberman

    CEO, Square 2

  • Richard Wood
    Adding video into our sales process is one of the singularly most important changes we've made to how we win new business in the last couple of years. Using video on initial contact, we expect it to increase meetings being booked by 4x. And, most importantly, it's also a lot harder to say no to someone when you can see their face.

    Richard Wood

    Managing Director, Six & Flow

  • Bob Dearsley
    WOM (word of mouth) is totally based upon reputation and network. We work constantly with our clients to connect with audiences through content marketing activity, but there’s nothing as valuable as someone you know and trust saying 'you should work with this company!'

    Bob Dearsley

    Chief Executive, The B2B Marketing Lab

  • Rikki Lear
    Having a defined sales process gives everyone confidence, which is key to closing. For the agency, you have clear next steps and know the outcome you desire for each call. For the prospect, they will feel reassured that you have been through this before and are taking the time to understand their business (rather than just trying to close them).

    Rikki Lear


    Digital 22

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