State of Inbound Sales 2014-2015As modern business has evolved to emphasize sales and marketing alignment, it is increasingly important to understand the context surrounding each department. That's why we decided to create a spin-off to our  annual State of Inbound report to concentrate solely on the sales space.

Using the same methodology as our marketing research, we surveyed thousands of sales professionals – reps and executives alike – and asked a blend of questions about priorities, technology, and efficiency. We’ve collected and organized the data into four self-contained sections: sales/marketing alignment, software & tools, challenges, and 2014-2015 priorities.

In each section you'll find important benchmarks and takeaways to help you make smarter decisions about how to grow and improve your sales organization in the year to come.

The State of Inbound Sales Report answers questions such as:

  • How well equipped are today's reps to sell to the modern buyer?
  • What tools are sales teams using, and how effective are they?
  • What are other sales leaders prioritizing in the year to come?
  • ...and many more!

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