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The State of Partner Led Growth 2023

Market insights on leveraging partners to drive revenue based on a survey of over 200 marketing and sales leaders

Market Data and Insights

This in-depth report covers:

  • Data on how marketing and sales leaders leverage partners today
  • Which channels marketing and sales leaders view as having the most impact on purchase decisions 
  • How partner-sourced leads rank in terms of likelihood to close and LTV
  • Marketing and sales alignment with partnerships 
  • Perspectives on partner led growth from 8 executives from leading companies, including the Chief Revenue Officer of Zapier, Chief Sales Officer at Semrush, and Partners at the Boston Consulting Group and Emergence Capital

Download the report now to understand how over 200 marketing and sales leaders think about leveraging partners to drive revenue.

Partner Led Growth graphs

Most marketing and sales leaders believe their partners have a positive impact across the entire customer journey. Learn how partners improve outcomes across a variety of metrics.

Authored by Kathleen Booth, Scott Brinker, Asher Mathew, and Kelly Sarabyn, the report uncovers market insights on how revenue leaders are viewing partners today. 

The results of this survey show that marketing and sales leaders believe partners are becoming an increasingly important channel.

Go-to-market leaders see partners as having a significant impact on the buyer and believe their organization should be investing more resources in partners.

Despite the positive view of partners' ability to drive marketing and sales objectives, organizations do not yet appear to be fully leveraging partners.  

In addition to sharing the survey data, this report contains contributions from executives at leading companies who provide their perspective on partner led growth.

Read the report for insights and advice on partnerships as a go-to-market channel. 

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