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The Ultimate Free Google AdWords PPC Kit

Google AdWords made easy.

96% of Google's revenue comes from PPC advertising.

  • Clearly, marketers are taking advantage of Adwords, but what does a great PPC campaign even look like? How do you ensure it drives ROI for your company?

    What about best practices for managing the associated costs? How do you even DO a Google AdWords campaign?

    HubSpot and SEMrush joined forces to bring you a free Google Adwords kit with everything you need to succeed with Pay-per-click and search engine marketing. Packed with an ebook, template, and checklist, the kit has everything you need to manage keywords, campaigns and ad groups with ease.

  • What is Google Adwords and why should I use it? Google Adwords consists of paid advertising on search engines. The results appear above and below unpaid or organic search results. Google Adwords allows you to get in front of your audience when they search for information online. Businesses use Adwords as a means of driving traffic to their website. Google Adwords is very measurable and you can set up tracking and reporting within the platform. While search engine optimization can take some time before you see the benefits, you can instantly get traffic with Google Adwords.

    Who is the Google AdWords template for? The template is ideal for all businesses of all industries and sizes. So whether you are running Google Adwords for Nonprofits or looking to start Google Adwords for your small businesses, this kit is right for you.

    What is Google Adwords Campaign Management? Think of Adwords campaign management like SEO -- you are setting up and optimizing your campaigns to make them more effective than ever before.  The Google Adwords kit will help you to manage your campaigns in Adwords. The template allows you to target buyers at every stage of the decision making process. You can craft ads for the awareness, consideration and decision stages all within this template. You can add Google Adwords extensions and create Google adwords video ads within Google Adwords.

  • What is the Google AdWords Introductory Offer? Google offer a coupon code that provides you with credit to run your first Adwords campaign. You may have to spend a set amount before the credit is applied. Each coupon can normally only be used on new Adwords accounts. Once you have the budget to kickstart your PPC efforts you can use our template and checklist to get plan your first campaign. For full details and terms of this offer, see the Google Adwords website.

    What is the cost of Google Adwords? There no set minimum amount that you must invest into Google AdWords. You decide how much you want to spend each day. The pay-per-click cost varies depending on a number of variables including the industry and the geographical location you want to target. Each year Wordstream estimate the cost of PPC advertising, by industry. According to their data legal services has the highest cost per click ($5.88) on Google Adwords. Dating and personals has the lowest cost per click at just $0.19 per click. The full list of Google Adwords rates can be seen on their website.

    How to setup Google Adwords: You can set up Google Adwords by using the template and checklist provided as part of this offer. 

This kit will help you:

  • Organize Google AdWords campaigns through every stage of the marketing funnel
  • Easily record all ad variations, keywords, and destination URLS
  • Manage all Google AdWords campaigns through one easy-to-use template

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