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Asia Pacific Content Marketing Trends 2016

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Find out what's working, what's not, and what challenges content marketers are facing in the Asia Pacific region

  • Brand New Data from Businesses in APAC

    HubSpot and SurveyMonkey worked with businesses across Asia Pacific to establish the current state of content marketing in this region. 

    With responses from marketers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and more, this report will help you benchmark your efforts against other marketers in APAC, helping you identify areas for improvement.

  • Actionable Advice to Improve Your Strategy

    We summarised the experiences of over 700 marketers across Asia Pacific to uncover the trends, challenges, and most effective content marketing techniques in 2016. Topics include:

    • Content marketing strategy
    • Budget trends
    • Planning techniques
    • Reporting and measuring
  • Insights from Local Content Marketing Experts

    In this report, you'll also find advice from content marketing experts in Asia Pacific on content marketing strategy, planning, how to combat 'content shock', and a whole lot more.

    Contributors include representatives from the Asia Content Marketing Association and ADMA, as well as Jeff Bullas and Ryan Bonnici amongst others.

This Report Answers Your Burning Questions:

  • What will give me the most ‘bang’ for my ‘buck’?
  • How do my content marketing capabilities compare?
  • Should I be producing more content? If so, what?
  • How should I resource my content marketing?
  • How effective is my content marketing strategy?
  • Which content marketing tactics are the most effective?
  • How do I measure the value of my content marketing?
  • How does my budget compare to my peers?

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