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The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Effective Imagery

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Learn how to strategically select and optimise your images to improve brand sentiment, grow your traffic and increase your conversion rates

  • Improve Brand Sentiment

    You know the saying: a picture paints a thousand words. So why aren't you being strategic when choosing your imagery?

    Whether it's a graphic for social media, an image for your website's homepage, or a photo to accompany a blog post, each image needs to present your brand in its best light. 

    In this ebook you'll learn how to use your imagery to ensure your audience develops a positive opinion of your brand.

  • Grow Your Traffic

    Images can help drive traffic from a number of sources if they're optimised correctly. In this ebook, you'll learn how to optimise your images to increase traffic coming from:

    • Organic search
    • Social media
    • Paid social

    Without optimising your images for maximum success, you could be losing out on traffic coming from image search results, social media posts, and social ads.


  • Increase Conversion Rates

    In this ebook, together with our friends at iStock, we've collated the best hacks for increasing your website's conversion rates by using the right images, at the right time.

    From being strategic with your use of colour, to getting your dimensions spot-on, this ebook is full of different strategies for increasing your conversion rates.

    The best thing is, it can all be achieved by making simple tweaks to your images.

In this ebook, you'll discover:

  • How to choose images that resonate with your audience
  • Visual content examples from brands across Asia Pacific
  • The importance of A/B testing your images
  • How to optimise your images for Google search

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