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The Expert Edge: Exclusive Interviews with Marketing, Sales, and Service Professionals

Cutting-edge interviews with professionals and leaders on the top trends, challenges, and opportunities in each industry to help you grow better.
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Check out trending interviews with marketing experts at AWS, LinkedIn, Google, HubSpot and more.
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Google's Head of Technology Platforms On How First-Party Data & AI Will Transform The Ad Industry — For The Better

Learn how marketers can leverage first-party data and the role of AI in a cookie-free world, according to Google's Head of Google Marketing Platform.

AWS on product development and ai

How AI Will Revolutionize Product Development, and How to Prepare [Insights from AWS' Senior Advisor to Startups]

Learn how AI will change every aspect of the product development process, and how to prepare for it, according to AWS Senior Advisor to Startups and AI expert Deepam Mishra.

generate leads linkedin

How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn in 2023, According to LinkedIn's VP of Marketing

Struggling to find qualified leads? Learn how to use LinkedIn for B2B lead generation, and discover expert insight from LinkedIn's VP of Marketing

how AI will change podcast and video

How AI Will Change Podcast and Video, According to Riverside's Head of Marketing

Learn why Riverside's Head of Marketing is more excited than ever about the future of audio and video when it comes to AI.


How Shopify, Canva, and HubSpot are Excelling on Threads, and How You Can, Too

Learn tips from social media managers at Shopify, Canva, and HubSpot for gaining a following on Threads and matching the platform's more personal tone.

how the blog team plans to use ai

How the HubSpot Blog Team Uses AI

Learn HubSpot Blog team's plans for implementing artificial intelligence (AI) into their content strategy.


Why AI Isn’t Replacing Our Jobs — Or Search Engines — According to Jasper’s Head of Enterprise Marketing

What does generative AI mean for the future of marketing? Will it replace us, or elevate us? And will generative AI replace search engines, too?


Is AI the Future of Video Creation? We Asked Wistia's Head of Production

Is AI changing the way we make videos? Find out how AI is influencing the future of video, and how it can power your next video.

lately ceo

11 Conversion Copywriting Tips that Grew Our Revenue by 240%, According to Lately’s CEO

Learn the conversion copywriting tips that enabled one company, Lately, to grow monthly recurring revenue by 240% and achieve a 98% sales conversion rate.

Content Marketing-Jun-25-2023-04-52-18-2091-AM

The Evolution of Content Marketing: How It's Changed and Where It's Going in the Next Decade

Learn from experts about content marketing's evolution — how it's progressed over the past decade and how it will shift over the next one.


Check out trending interviews with sales experts at Uber, G2, Dropbox, HubSpot and more. 
drive uber to event-1

How to Drive Attendees to Your Next Event (Literally!), According to Uber for Business' Marketing Director

Hear tips from Uber's Marketing Director on how sales reps can motivate prospects to attend company events, plus how Uber vouchers can help.


How to Sell AI Products [Tips from HubSpot Sales Reps]

Learn expert tips for selling your AI products to an apprehensive buyer or within a competitive market.

sales buyer changing

How the Buyer's Journey is Changing in 2023 and 7 Ways to Keep Up, According to G2's Director of SMB Sales [+ New Data]

Learn from G2's Director of SMB on how the software buyer's journey has changed, plus how your sales strategy should pivot in 2023 to meet new buyers' expectations.

sandler selling

The Beginner's Guide to the Sandler Selling System, According to Sandler's VP of Sales

Interested in the Sandler Selling System? Learn everything you need to know about the Sandler system, plus how to implement it at your company.

red flags

11 Red Flags to Look Out for When Interviewing Sales Reps, According to Experts

There are certain less-than-ideal qualities you can look out for to identify potential sales hires who probably won't pan out. And to help you track them, we reached out to some experts and compiled a list of 11 of those red flags, along with some tips on how to bring them to light.


Why Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) Matters for Sales, According to Dropbox's Head of Customer Solutions

Learn why BATNA is an invaluable part of the selling process. Plus, how you can leverage BATNA's key negotiation tactics to ensure your business and your customers are both benefitting from a deal.

revenue team

How Your Revenue Team Can Avoid These 5 Missteps in 2023 and Beyond, According to Sendoso's VP of Revenue Operations

Learn the five biggest missteps Sendoso's VP of Revenue Operations sees most RevOps teams making -- and how to avoid them.

text to pay

Why Text-to-Pay Is The Future, According to Podium’s Payments Lead

Learn the benefits of text-to-pay for small businesses, plus text-to-pay best practices if your business is considering the switch

future of sales

What Could the Future of Sales Look Like? We Asked Top Sales Leaders

The experts share what's changed in sales over the past decade and what skills salespeople need to stay competitive in the next one.


Check out trending interviews with service experts at Sendoso, Help Scout, HubSpot and more.
uneeq ceo

How to Humanize AI Text for Exceptional Customer Experiences, According to UneeQ's CEO

Welcome to the future of customer service, where AI meets human touch. Discover how businesses can strike the right balance between automation and personalization.

collaboration -1

12 Crucial Strategies for Promoting Team Collaboration — Plus, The Biggest Collaboration Roadblocks, According to ClickUp’s CEO

Use these strategies for promoting more productive team collaboration. Plus, hear common collaboration mistakes according to ClickUp's CEO.

customer-focused company

How to Build a Customer-Focused Company, According to 10 People Who Did

Learn about what makes a company customer-focused from 10 CEOs who built their own customer-focused companies.

respond to reviews

5 Expert Tips for Responding to Customer Reviews [+ Examples]

Learn how experts respond to positive and negative customer reviews to maintain a positive brand reputation and attract new customers.

retention challenges

8 Customer Retention Challenges According to Service Experts and How to Navigate Them

Customer retention is a hot topic these days. Keeping customers engaged and on board with your company can seem like a tall order. Learn about some of the most common challenges to that process and how to address them here.

customer feedback

The Benefits of Customer Feedback, According to Experts

HubSpot customer support experts explain the importance of customer feedback and how it benefits your business.


Pros and Cons of AI in Customer Service [New Data + Expert Insights]

Combine AI’s potential and human expertise to create a great customer experience. Here’s how.


Check out trending interviews with top-performing content creators across social, podcast, and video.
influencer full time gig-1

How These 3 Content Creators Turned a Side Hustle Into a Full-Time Gig

Learn the biggest tips for turning your side hustle into a full-time gig — from three content creators who've already done it.


How to Create a Unique, Relatable Brand as a Content Creator

What is a personal brand, and why should every content creator have one? Here's what you should know, plus expert tips.

creator relevant

How to Rebrand as a Content Creator and Stay Relevant [Expert Tips]

Are you a content creator looking to rebrand your platform? Here's expert advice on how to execute a rebrand and remain relevant.

content creation

AI in Content Creation: How Creators and Marketers are Using It [Data]

I spoke to three content creators and used data from HubSpot's recent survey to learn how marketers and creators are using AI in their processes.

creators threads

How Content Creators Are Tackling The New Instagram Threads

How are content creators using Threads and can it present the same branding opportunities as Twitter? Here's what several content creators have to say.