The Road to RevOps: Transform the Way You Grow

2020 has been challenging, to say the least. Make sure your business is centralized, connected, and well-designed in 2021. Check out our live discussion series on how RevOps can transform your business.

Driving growth is all about delivering a great customer experience. To keep up, it takes the coordination of more teams and more tools, working together like a well-oiled machine. But as your go-to-market machine grows, so does the potential for misalignment to sneak in, and complexity to slow you down.
That's where revenue operations (RevOps) comes in. RevOps is the mindset, practice, and manifestation of unifying your internal operations. With this new approach, your business runs friction-free, and so does your customer experience.
To learn more about RevOps and share how HubSpot does it, we're hosting two virtual live discussions on RevOps and this transformative new way to approach operations

Our Featured Speakers

  • Alison Elworthy

    Alison Elworthy

    EVP, RevOps

  • Nancy Nardin

    Nancy Nardin

    Founder & Sales Tech Expert

  • ScottBrinker

    Scott Brinker

    VP, Platform Ecosystem

  • Jeff Ignacio

    Jeff Ignacio

    Head of Revenue & Growth Ops

  • Dimas Martadarma

    Dimas Martadarma

    Senior Lead, RevOps

  • Isabelle Bensimon

    Isabelle Bensimon

    Director, GTM Systems Strategy

  • Lyndee Reed

    Lyndee Reed

    RevOps Manager

  • Jon Dick

    Jon Dick

    SVP, Marketing

  • Sales Operations

    Matt Sansone

    Sales Operations

  • Brandon Young

    Brandon Young

    Head of Operations

Road to RevOps Discussions

How to Future Proof Your Tech Stack

In this session, you'll get ideas on how to turn your tech stack from scattered silos into a connected source of truth.

Discussion topics:

  • Setting up your system of record

  • Features for a great platform connection 

  • Fluid tech stack connectivity

How to Design a World-Class RevOps Team

Listen to this conversation for advice on how to revamp your current operations strategy for a better 2021.  

Discussion topics:

  • Centralized vs decentralized teams

  • GTM operations alignment

  • Solving for the customer in RevOps

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