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Proven marketing strategies to take full advantage of mobile's growing influence

MarketingSherpa Top 5 Mobile Marketing Case Studies

According to Morgan Stanley, in five years there will be more mobile internet users than desktop internet users.

Thats why marketers should be taking mobile marketing very seriously and many of them have started to do so already.

In MarketingSherpas Top 5 Mobile Marketing Case Studies & How-tos, youll find out:

  • How a travel website tested mobile versions of selected pages, and increased page views and conversions.
  • How one sports online retailer set out to clean up their email list and in the process also birthed a mobile marketing program.
  • How a pizza restaurant chain used SMS (Short Message Service), a contest and direct mail to increase membership in a loyalty program by 5%.
  • What ideas Taco Bell considered when creating their mobile website.

Additionally, in the how-to article youll gain some key insights from an expert on how to get started in mobile marketing.

If you are thinking mobile (and you should be), these case studies will provide you with ways to succeed in marketing your products and services to the growing market of mobile users.

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