traditional_turned_inbound_cover_promoThe marketing and advertising industry has changed drastically over the past century, especially over the last 60 years.

That got us thinking: if an advertising campaign was incredibly successful several decades ago, would it be just as successful if excuted the same way today?

We explored the idea by reaching out to a handful of advertising and creative experts to get their hypotheses on what 5 classic Mad Men and post-Mad Men era campaigns would have to look like if recreated under the lens of our modern culture and media landscape.

Get your own copy to learn what made these five iconic campaigns so successful in their day, and explore how they'd have to be executed in the present in order to make the same impact:

  • Clairol: ‘Does She or Doesn't She’ - 1957
  • Volkswagen: ‘Think Small’ - 1959
  • Keep America Beautiful: 'Iron Eyes Cody' - 1971
  • Calvin Klein: Brooke Shields: 'Nothing Comes Between Me and My Calvins' - 1980s
  • Wendy’s: ‘Where’s the Beef?’ - 1984

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