Many companies use ebooks to effectively generate leads from their websites. Unfortunately, creating an ebook isn’t easy. From planning and scoping all the way through publishing and promoting, producing an ebook requires many steps. That's why we’ve put together The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Ebook for Lead Generation.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Ebook for Lead Generation

With your free download, you'll receive:

  • Ebook Template: create your ebook quickly and easily using PowerPoint
  • Video Tutorials: a five-part video series walking you through creating an ebook
  • Worksheet: nail down your goals, audience, topic, and scope of your ebook

Here’s a quick look at what we’ll be covering in the video tutorials:

  • Chapter 1: Planning & Writing
  • Chapter 2: Structuring Your Ebook
  • Chapter 3: Laying Out Your Ebook
  • Chapter 4: Making Your Ebook Beautiful
  • Chapter 5: Finalizing & Promoting Your Ebook

Download this guide and ebook template and watch these tutorial videos so you can be well-equipped to generate leads on your website.

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