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The Ultimate Hiring Process for Your Agency in 2020

Free Guide and Templates


A simple and effective hiring process to implement at your agency, no matter its size.

Make your next job offer with confidence

Do you really need a “process” for hiring someone? Well, it turns out that even the most experienced agency professionals sometimes make a costly mistake; hiring the wrong person for their agency.

That’s why having a defined hiring process is important. It gives you and your team a framework to predict a candidate’s future performance at the job. 

Download these free resources to implement a simple and effective hiring process for your agency, no matter its size.

  • For us agencies, our talent IS our product. Like with any product, you need high levels of quality control. That’s why a strong hiring process is critical.

    Nicole Pereira


    Chief Martech Officer

  • Hiring the wrong person is one of the costliest mistakes an agency can make. But, hiring the right person can have a transformative affect on an agency's growth.

    Trish Lessard


    Media Junction

  • If you want to scale your agency effectively, you have to approach your hiring with the same level of focus and passion as your sales and account service processes.

    Scott Baradell


    Idea Grove

  • A strong hiring process ensures that both, the company and the candidate are a match. Hiring the right candidate is important not only for your agency but also for your clients.

    Constantin Buda

    Founder & CEO

    Vidalico Digital

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The Ultimate Hiring Process for Your Agency in 2020