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How to Improve the Customer Experience with Journey Mapping + Service Hub

Thursday, March 26, 2020
10:00 - 11:00 AM ET

A Customer Journey Map is a visual representation of the stages or milestones a customer goes through with your company. Using this tool along with HubSpot's Service Hub can be a powerful way to better understand your customer and deliver value. In this Virtual HUG HubSpot Academy Professor Adriti Gulati will show you to get started with your own mapping.

What To Expect

This Virtual HUG will cover  how:

  • To create a customer journey map
  • To identify points of force and friction along your customer journey (with examples)
  • To leverage Service Hub to help alleviate your identified pain points


  • adriti-gulati

    Adriti Gulati

    Inbound Professor

    HubSpot Academy

  • About Adriti

    Adriti is an Inbound Professor for HubSpot Academy, focusing on Service Hub. Prior to HubSpot, Adriti worked at a non-profit educational program focusing on getting high school students into colleges and universities. She is passionate about ensuring education is accessible for all. Outside of work, Adriti can be found at your local Chinese restaurant, or at a spin class, trying to work off said Chinese food.

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