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Webinar: Social Media Trends for 2021

Join us on Thursday, March 25 at 1PM ET

We interviewed over 50 social media industry pros on which trends are going to surface and stick around for 2021

Social media trends can be fleeting, but some trends stick around and become pillars of the social media world. We spoke to over 50 industry experts to find out which trends would pass us by, and which would turn out to be critical for social media teams to act on in 2021.

Join special guests Sam McFadden, Digital Strategist & Storyteller for Marketing - US Enterprise at Talkwalker and Social Media Professor for HubSpot's Academy, Crystal King, as they talk through the 5 most important trends you need to know, how you can prepare for the changing social media landscape in the coming year, and the "4 C's of COVID" (Community, Contactless, Cleanliness, Compassion).

We'll jump on at 1PM ET on March 25th for a conversation around these trends, including marketing to Gen Z, artificial intelligence in social media, and more. Save your seat below!


  • Sam McFadden Headshot

    Sam McFadden

    Marketing - US Enterprise
    @ Talkwalker
  • Crystal King Headshot

    Crystal King

    Social Media Professor
    @ HubSpot

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