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77 Brilliant Examples of Homepages, Blogs & Landing Pages to Inspire You


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Brilliant Website Design Examples
Brilliant Website Design Examples
Brilliant Website Design Examples
Discover the value of a quality website design.

Your website only gets one first impression. One opportunity for you to prove your value and credibility to your target audience. That’s why pages such as your homepage, blog, and landing pages serve as some of the most important pieces of virtual real estate your business has to work with. If a new visitor doesn't like what they see, their reaction is to hit the back button or close their tab, resulting in an unwanted bounce.

Knowing that a lot of people still judge a book by its cover, prioritizing time spent on design and development is sure to pay long-lasting dividends.What does a thoughtful, modern website look like? We've compiled 77 homepage, blog, and landing page examples to inspire your design efforts. Categorized by industry, this PDF download features high-quality images and descriptions of how they stand above their competition.