Marketing dollars have shifted away from old-school expenditures like PR and cold calling. These days, businesses are putting their money behind blogging and social media in an effort to follow their customers online. But they all still lack the time and resources needed to master these skills and make the shift effectively. As a result, they're looking to outside agencies for help.

Wonder what they're looking for in their next agency? We've got you covered in our latest Agency Ebook.

This ebook outlines the scorecard that thousands of businesses use when hiring and evaluating an inbound marketing agency. It details the core competencies you'll need to secure more retainer business for your firm, including:

  • Delivering the Right Services - Marketers and business owners want to hire an agency that will implement the inbound tactics that best correlate to their success

  • Conducting a Goal-Oriented Sales Process - Agencies who tailor their pitch to the specific challenges and goals of the client wins the retainer business

  • Showcasing Specific Areas of Focus - Your clients are looking for agencies with industry expertise and specialization that complement their goals and challenges

  • Emphasizing Measurement and Analysis - Agencies who measure everything succeed faster; and clients want to know that you can crunch and interpret their numbers

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