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Free Webinar On-Demand, Presented by Anne Holland, Publisher of Which Test Won? and Mike Volpe, VP of Marketing at HubSpot

You spend a lot of time and money designing websites, landing pages, forms and email campaigns hoping you will get great, or at least good results. But how do you know if one change on a landing page will get you more leads, or fewer?

You don't know, unless you test one page against another. And how do you know what to test or what to change in order to see a 40% bump in lead generation?

What's Worth A/B Testing?

Anne Holland, publisher of Which Test Won?, founder and past president of MarketingSherpa, has witnessed for years the response lifts that testing and optimization can bring. HubSpot has commissioned her to create a special report and live webinar on What's Worth A/B Testing?

With this combined report and webinar you will:

  • Learn from examples of real-life tests by marketers in the target demographic, including test screenshots and results data
  • Discover which pages on your site are worth your time to test
  • Determine what copy, graphics and design tweaks get high-impact test results
  • Find out how much traffic you need for conclusive test results

Plus, as an added bonus, the report will feature a special section on "Getting Started - Cheap and Easy-to-Use Testing Resources."

Complete the form on the right of the page to view the free webinar. Everyone who registers will receive the complimentary special report right after the webinar takes place.

This webinar is intended for marketing professionals and business owners; no technical experience is required. You will need an internet connection and computer speakers for audio to participate in this live event. For questions about the webinar, please check our Frequently Asked Questions.

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