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Why You're Losing Proposals

Avoid these 9 common mistakes to secure
more client projects

Create Proposals That Seal the Deal

"Send me a proposal." 

These words will send most agencies into a spin, working furiously to complete an insightful, in-depth document outlining what they can do for a client, how they can do it, and what it will cost.

Here is the problem with that approach; the proposal is not the first phase of the sales process, it’s the last. It turns out that creating an agency proposal is a strategic process; Do it right and seal the deal, but do it wrong and it's bye-bye. 

In this ebook, we outline 9 common mistakes that cause agencies to lose proposals, how you can avoid these mistakes, and how to use your proposals to win more business.

BONUS: 3 Sample Proposals from real agencies!

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What You'll Learn
  • Frequent errors marketing agencies make in their proposals
  • Effectively representing your services and value add-ons
  • Setting priorities when communicating and dealing with potential customers
  • Building and maintaining good client relationships

Get Insights From Top Agency Leaders

  • John Kelleher
    By the time that a deal gets to the proposal stage, I doubt many agencies are losing out to competitors. It’s more likely that they’re losing to the status quo.

    John Kelleher


    ESM Inbound

  • Richard Wood
    At some point, all agencies are guilty of selling what they have to sell, rather than focussing on the needs of the prospect. If that’s the starting point for a proposal, you will inevitably, at some point miss the brief.

    Richard Wood

    Managing Director

    Six & Flow

  • Steven Loepfe
    Proposals are either lost in the first or in the last 10 minutes. In the last 10 minutes due to items that should have been dealt with earlier in the sales process.

    Steven Loepfe



  • Jason Parkinson
    I think it’s easy for agencies to lose proposals when customers start digging into the fine print. No business owner wants to be locked into a 2 year contract with an agency.

    Jason Parkinson

    President & CEO


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