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why-agencies-get-fired-300pxAs any veteran of the agency world knows, even solid working relationships can go sour. One month you have a great client relationship and then next month, they're telling you they've retained someone else.

After studying more than 500 'breakup conversations,' we've learned that it's almost never a major screw-up that leads to an agency getting fired; it's a lot of little things that add up over time.

This ebook discusses the most common mistakes we've seen, so that you're less likely to have to face one of these talks.

Specific topics in this ebook include:

  • How to ensure that you've properly vetted the relationship for long term alignment
  • How to avoid becoming an order-taker and suffering the scope creep it may cause
  • Understand why closing the loop and analyzing your results is not where your work ends

Download this ebook now and avoid the dreaded "send us your final invoice" email.

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