work life balance

No Excuses

The Work/Life 'Harmony' Video Series


A short, no excuses video series for salespeople.

Through their own experiences building multi-million dollar businesses and the personal challenges that came along with that success, Dan and Bill have an incredible perspective on work life balance. Hear their advice in this quick 4 episode video series.

Meet Your Coaches

  • Dan Waldschmidt

    Dan Waldschmidt

    Edgy Conversations

    Dan and his team help companies arrive at business-changing breakthrough ideas by moving past the selfish behaviors that stop them from being high performers.

  • Bill Cortright

    Bill Cortright

    Stress Mastery Podcast

    Bill has spent three decades researching every aspect of stress and has built medical clinics that are geared toward wellness and reversing disease.

The Importance of Your Morning Routine

- Health Routine
- Mental Routine
- Professional Routine
- Personal Routine

Developing Skills That Create Opportunity

- Communication
- People Skills
- Business & Strategy

Going Rogue to Achieve Breakthrough

- CRM/Marketing Tools
- To-Do List Management
- Calendar Management

Maintaining Momentum at Any Cost

- Do One Thing That Matters
- Meditation
- Have a plan
- Minimum viable effort

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