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A Workbook to Audit Your Client’s Marketing Strategy

Six templates with 100 questions that will help you review, analyze and
build your client’s marketing plan

If you want my future, forget my
marketing past?

How do you create the kind of trust and credibility that easily secures a spot in your clients' next year marketing budget?

Well, one surefire way is to help them build their inbound marketing plan.

Creating a marketing plan with your client proves that you understand their business and that you are committed to its long-term success.

And how do you create a marketing plan? A great starting point is reviewing your client's past marketing strategy. By doing this, you'll have insights into what worked, what didn’t, and most importantly, what you will do in the future. This workbook enables you to do just that!

It contains six ready-to-use templates and 100 questions that you can use to audit your client’s marketing strategy. 

Additionally, you can use the templates and questions from this workbook to fit the specific needs of your agency or clients.

For example, use the workbook for a quick consulting call with prospects, or even create a whole client workshop around it.

Talk about building trust and credibility.

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What You'll Learn

In this workbook, you'll be guided through how to:

  • Assess a client’s current performance
  • Review their past campaigns
  • Refresh or create buyer personas
  • Complete a competitive analysis
  • Build a plan for future marketing campaigns
  • Format a comprehensive audit

What's Included

  1. Workbook image

    A Workbook to Audit Your Client's Marketing Strategy

    This workbook guides you through each step of the client planning process. It will help you review your client’s past, present, and plan for the future by providing:
    • A script of 100 questions that correspond with each template
    • Examples for each template 

  2. Template image

    6 Templates to Audit Your Client's Marketing Strategy

    This file contains six editable PDF templates. You can print them and fill in with a pen, or fill them electronically on your computer.

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