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A Workbook to Audit Your Client’s Marketing Strategy

Six fill-in-the-blank templates with 100 scripted questions to plan for the upcoming year

Strengthen client relationships with this workbook

  • As an agency, you understand the importance of having a good relationship with your client. The best type of agency-client relationship is a partnership. But how do you build a good partnership? One tactical way is to work with them on their annual inbound marketing plan. That way they know your agency is committed, enthusiastic and bought into delivering on the plan.

  • A great way to create an annual marketing plan is to review everything your client has done over the last six to 12 months, their current marketing strategy, and their future goals. This workbook allows you to do just that! It contains a script of 100 questions that correspond with six fill-in-the-blank templates, to guide you through building a successful annual inbound marketing plan with your client.

  • Not only that but you can repurpose certain sections of the workbook to fit specific needs of your agency or client. For example, you could use the buyer persona section of the workbook as a survey to generate leads on your website. Or, condense the information for a quick consulting call. You can even create a workshop for clients around this workbook.

What You Will Learn

In this workbook, you'll be guided through how to:

  • Assess a client’s current performance
  • Review their past campaigns
  • Refresh or create buyer personas
  • Complete a competitive analysis
  • Build a plan for future marketing campaigns
  • Format a comprehensive audit

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