Let’s Get Growing: How to Align Your Strategy and Systems for 2021

To help you start the year off right, we've put together a bundle of resources to help your organization stay more tightly aligned in 2021.

In 2021, alignment will eat strategy for lunch. It’s not easy to get teams across a growing organization on the same page - but it is necessary. When teams aren’t aligned it becomes hard to react to change, processes become inefficient, and the customer experience suffers.

Alignment is born of two things - strategy and software. Does your team understand how they should be working together, and do they have a unified view into the inner workings of your sales, marketing, and services operations in order to carry that vision out?

We're digging deep into why it’s important for teams to find alignment - especially at the start of the year. Check out the resources below to learn more about the conversations your team should be having, the tools that you need to be on the same page, and the growth that is possible when these two things are combined.

Featured Live Events and Resources

Check out some of our new and featured events and resources.

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    Breaking Down the Silos in Your Company

    Throughout 2020, businesses around the world faced unforeseen challenges and adjusted to new realities. Taking care of employees, customers, and partners throughout these pivots required sustained efforts that continue into this year. 

    Friday Jan 22, 1-2pm EST,  join us in conversation with HubSpot CCO, Yamini Rangan, and HubSpot EVP of Revenue Operations, Alison Elworthy  to hear how HubSpot dug into our internal operations to address misalignment and friction, to find shared strategic vision and systems excellence.

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    Aligning your Business Using HubSpot’s CRM Platform

    With natively built marketing, sales, and customer service tools and an integration ecosystem, every interaction enables your whole team to create a clear understanding of the person, not just the persona.

    Thursday Jan 28, 1-2pm EST, learn how to align your business processes by leveraging key tools on HubSpot’s CRM Platform, with product demos and examples from HubSpot customers.

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    2021 Strategic Planning Kit for Businesses

    A strategic business plan helps create accountability, transparency and purpose across departments. HubSpot and monday.com have joined forces to create a holistic business planning kit. Learn more about decision-making and analyzing past performance for a successful future.

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Additional Educational Resources

Want more tools to stay aligned in 2021? Check out the blog posts, templates, guides and interactive education resources to help you continue to skill-up your organization.

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[Blog] Tried-and-True Tips for Sales and Marketing Alignment

Learn how HubSpot sales and marketing teams stay in lock-step in this comprehensive blog post.

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[Template] SLA Template for Sales & Marketing

Align your sales & marketing team's goals with this free interactive template.


[Lesson] Aligning Your Marketing With Sales

Learn how to define your contacts' lifecycle stages to help develop a sales enablement strategy for your business.

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Novus Increases Sales and Marketing Alignment with HubSpot

Novus’ sales and marketing processes were on two different platforms, requiring the sales team to search and update both systems to get complete information on leads. When Novus moved from Salesforce to HubSpot, it obtained a 360-degree view of its leads and increased alignment between sales and marketing—all while saving around 70% in software subscription costs.

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HubSpot User Education

Are you a HubSpot user who is looking to leverage your software more for alignment? Check out these additional Academy courses and lessons to help you keep your teams aligned using HubSpot in 2021.


[Academy Course] Setting up your CRM for Growth

In this track, you'll learn why a CRM is important for your business, the role it plays, and how it connects to your company's flywheel model. Plus, how to import data into your HubSpot CRM.

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[Course] Managing your HubSpot Account as an Admin

This course covers the basics of being a HubSpot admin to help you set up and manage your HubSpot portal correctly across teams and functions.

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[Lesson] Data in HubSpot: Custom Objects and Other Tools

When it comes to representing data in HubSpot, you have a lot of options! Learn about the available tools and which is best for you.

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Looking For Additional Help with Alignment?

Talk to a HubSpot expert about your current challenges, and learn how our software can help you improve organizational alignment for your business.

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