Advertising in a Time of Crisis

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Should you just shut your ads off and wait until the economy is in a more stable place?

Without the right targeting, timing, messaging or tone, advertising can come across as insensitive, or just plain rude. Never is this more true than during a crisis. So, what does this mean for companies who have an honest desire to help their businesses get found online? 

Join HubSpot Product General Manager, Nicholas Holland as he sits down with Google Canada's Head of Marketing, Fab Dolan, Insights Marketing Lead, Facebook IQ , Maya Abinakad and George Ingram, Director of Paid Media at Wunderman Thompson. They'll discuss how to pivot your advertising strategy to lead with empathy during a crisis. 

We Discussed:


What kind of ads should companies be running right now?

Should you be advertising your self, your product, or something else? We'll discuss the right type of ads for the current climate. 

How should companies be thinking about targeting and messaging for their ad campaigns?

Who should be seeing your ads right now, and what type of content is right for those audiences?


How should companies be measuring success for their ad campaigns?

What metrics will help you understand the success of your ad campaigns during these times?

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