[Webinar] Entering the Age of the Connected Customer

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This event was recorded live on October 12, 2022.

Age of the Connected Customer

Growing a business has never been easy, but today it feels nearly impossible. Fundamental shifts in buyer behavior, compounded by the pandemic, have made it harder for organizations to connect. We've heard that business leaders are struggling to connect with prospects and customers, connect their systems and data, and to connect their community together. All of this leads to disconnection, leaving organizations grasping for growth. 

At HubSpot, we believe businesses need a new way to grow that focuses on customer connection, not customer management.        We're delighted to share this recording (recorded live on October 12) where we explore the latest challenges facing businesses today, and share practical ways you can grow your business while deepening connections with your customers. We'll share key insights from INBOUND 2022 on things businesses should consider when choosing partners and new technology to help them grow.

This webinar is the first of two. See below to register for Building Better Connections: a Conversation with Our Customers on October 26.


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