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What's new in HubSpot Sales Professional

Discover how the newest features can help you supercharge your sales engine.

At INBOUND, we announced some massive improvements to HubSpot Sales Professional.

Today, those new features are live to all HubSpot Sales Professional users.



Organize users by team for easier segmenting and reporting. Learn more.



Multiple Deal Pipelines

Create multiple deal pipelines for different products or phases of your customer journey. Learn more. 

Sales Automation

Use workflows to rotate leads, create deals and tasks, and more.



Predictive Lead Scoring

Target the hottest leads with predictive lead scoring that tells you how likely it is for a contact to turn into a customer. Learn more.

Required Fields

Make sure your team is keeping track of the right information with required fields. Learn more. 




Use products to keep track of the actual goods and services you’re selling. Learn more.

Smart Send Times

Deliver emails to their inbox at the perfect time, right when they’re most likely to engage.



Smart Notifications

Surface the most relevant notifications to the top of your activity feed and make sure the hottest leads never fall through the cracks. Learn more.


With customizable reports and an additional dashboard, you’ll always have complete transparency into the health of your business.



Salesforce Integration

Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce. Learn more. 


Ready to get started?

Learn more about the newest features by watching the videos below.

Setting Up Your Team For Success

HubSpot Sales Professional now lets you group users by team, prioritize outreach with predictive lead scoring, and stay on top of everything with customized reports.

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Using Workflows for Sales Automation

With HubSpot Sales Professional, you can use workflows to rotate leads and automate deal and task creation.

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Unlocking The Power of Artificial Intelligence

From predictive lead scoring to smart send times and smart notifications, HubSpot Sales Professional uses artificial intelligence to help you take the guesswork out of selling.

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Looking for a deeper dive into HubSpot Sales Professional?

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