HubSpot Automation Blueprints Series

Watch this video series to get an inside look at how HubSpot's Marketing, Sales and Services leaders use automation to unite their teams and delight their customers.

Watch How HubSpot Uses Automation

In this 5 part video series, HubSpot leaders share their blueprints for using HubSpot automation to solve some of their biggest business challenges.

Demand Generation Blueprint

Learn how to drive qualified demand to sales with conversational marketing from Marwa Greaves, marketing leader at HubSpot.


Customer Support Blueprint

Learn how to answer your customer's frequently asked questions with conversational marketing from Jean Bernard, customer support leader at HubSpot.

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Sales Prospecting Blueprint

Learn how to scale sales prospecting with email marketing from Jordan Pritikin, marketing leader at HubSpot.


Sales Enablement Blueprint

Learn how to enable better sales conversations with workflows from Rachel Leist, marketing leader at HubSpot.


Customer Advocacy Blueprint

Learn how to create a scalable advocacy program with feedback surveys from Eugenia Pirotsky, marketing leader at HubSpot.

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Learn How to Execute These Blueprints with HubSpot

The HubSpot CRM Platform has all of the automation tools you need to implement these blueprints at your company. Let one of our sales reps show you how.

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