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HubSpot Community Champion Program

HubSpot Community Champion Program is a program for the most active and knowledgeable contributors on our online HubSpot Community forum. Apply today to become a Community Champion.

How to become a Community Champion

  • To become a Community Champion you need to be a registered member of the online HubSpot Community forum. To register, go to community.hubspot.com.
  • Start responding to the threads and answering the questions posted by other Community members.
  • To be invited to become a Community Champion, you need the rank of Top Contributor or above, and a consistent presence providing value by engaging and starting conversations, answering questions, and helping users for at least three months. All eligible Community users will have their profile reviewed by the Community team before being invited to the program.

Program Benefits

Community Champions receive:

  • The Community Champion badge
  • Exclusive access to the Community Champions forum
  • A special community signature with links to their website or LinkedIn
  • Exclusive access to discussions with HubSpot teams
  • Online and offline events sponsored by HubSpot
  • Community swag!

Program Requirements

To keep your Community Champion status, badge and access to the program benefits you’ll need to keep an active presence in the Community, with a minimum of five new posts per month.

Apply to become a Community Champion

Interested in becoming a Community Champion? Community users are eligible to apply for the Community Champions program once they have reached 10 Accepted Solutions and the rank of Top Contributor. 

If you have reached the milestones listed above and are interested in applying for the Community Champions program, please share your information below and a member of the Community team will contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions

All HubSpot users, regardless if they are HubSpot partners or not, can earn the status of a Community Champion if they become a top contributor on community.hubspot.com. We have partners, direct customers, freelancers and even HubSpot alums among the current Community Champions.

We're happy to answer your questions. Don't hesitate to reach out to the Community team at  with questions regarding the champions program.