HubSpot GDPR Webinar

GDPR Webinar: Countdown to May 25th - How to turn the challenge into an opportunity

With GDPR only days away, is your business compliant? Join our GDPR webinar as we discuss the regulation with HubSpot's VP Marketing Kieran Flanagan, Senior Legal Counsel John Kelleher & eConsultancy editor Ben Davis.

Get Started on Your GDPR compliance journey before it's too late.


With the GDPR coming into force on 25 May 2018, personal data protection of EU citizens will be significantly enhanced. Traditional marketing strategies may no longer be effective, and you could lose contact with your leads. In this GDPR Webinar, Kieran, John, and Ben give an overview of the regulation, discuss changes to marketing and explain how HubSpot can assist companies in their compliance efforts. Is your company compliant?


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Meet the Speakers

  • Kieran Flanagan

    Kieran Flanagan

    VP of Marketing, HubSpot

    Award-winning digital marketer, global speaker, author, and startup advisor.

  • John Kelleher

    John Kelleher

    General Counsel, HubSpot

    An expert on GDPR Compliance and head of HubSpot's legal team.

  • Ben Davis

    Ben Davis

    Editor, Econsultancy

    Digital marketing and ecommerce writer for Econsultancy and Marketing Week.



1) GDPR & What It Means For Your Team

John Kelleher, HubSpot's General Counsel will provide an overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), what it means for your business and answer your questions on ensuring compliance before May 25th. 


2) How GDPR Will Change The Marketing Game

 Ben Davis, Kieran Flanagan and John Kelleher will discuss how the regulation will change how the face of marketing and how you can inbound marketing is a proven strategy to tackle impending challenge of GDPR



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