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Benchmark Data:
How COVID-19 Is Impacting Sales and Marketing Performance

Sometimes in a crisis, it can be hard to get a clear view.

There have been a surge of headlines, content and conversations about the state of business today, but finding reliable benchmarks to provide a sense of direction week over week is another matter. 

Like you, we’re looking for some concrete benchmarks. We looked at aggregated data from our global customer base of 70,000+ companies to understand how business metrics are shifting as the world grapples with the global pandemic.

Join Kipp Bodnar, HubSpot CMO, Michelle Benfer, HubSpot VP of Sales, and Meghan Anderson, HubSpot VP of Marketing as they dig into the data to discuss  which trends they're seeing, and how businesses can adapt in the face of these challenges.

Trends That We'll Discuss:


People Would Rather Hear From Marketing, Than Sales

People are still looking to engage with companies but your customers may be more interested in learning and education right now. Focus on helping, versus selling. 

Customers Are Doing More Research Online

Our data shows that chat volume has steadily increased over the last two months, and we believe this number is likely to continue growing. Now may be the right time to really invest in chatbots.


There is a Decrease in Deals Created and Deals Won

It's time to refresh your sales pipeline and rethink how you're doing prospecting. Prioritization is more important than ever when it comes to outreach. 

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