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Keynote Slides

James Gilbert
A Look at How Marketing and Sales has Changed

James Gilbert covers how to adapt your marketing and sales strategy to become more inbound, and ultimately more aligned with the needs and wants of your customers.

Matt Barby
Speed, Convenience and the Rise of AI in Marketing & Sales

Matt Barby explores the impact that all changes in consumer behaviour and technology have on the way that marketers should be thinking about their future strategies.


Breakout Slides

Elissa Hudson
How to Turn Strangers Into Website Visitors

Elissa Hudson looks at content you should create to increase the number of people discovering and engaging with your brand online.

James Gilbert
How to Convert Web Visitors Into Leads

James Gilbert explores key tactics to increase your conversion rates using lead nurturing and automation in an effective, impactful way.

Kat Warboys
How to Turn Leads Into Customers

Kat Warboys talks about how you can get your leads to a stage where they actually want to speak to sales. Yep... you heard us right.

Jeff Bullas
How to Become a Global Influencer on a $10 Budget

Jeff Bullas looks at how becoming an influencer that your target market knows and trusts drives business success across marketing and sales.

Andre Pinantoan
How Canva Grew 25x in the Last 2 Years

Canva's Head of Growth, Andre Pinantoan, gives insights into how Canva grew by a sensational 25x in just 24 months.

Ben Eatwell
Sales Empowerment, Not Alignment

LinkedIn's Ben Eatwell discusses why marketing should focus on empowering sales, rather than aligning with them.

Kaitlin Stoddard Marilia Salvia-Teixeira
Launching a New Content Strategy

Kaitlin and Marilia discuss how you need to leave your keyword obsession behind and focus on core topics for content creation and SEO.

Brent Claremont Varun Bhandarkar
Pairing Content with Context to Drive Conversions

Brent and Varun look at the importance of having context with your content in order to better drive conversions.

Australian Institute of Fitness
Customer Spotlight: Australian Institute of Fitness

A short customer spotlight video showcasing the successes of HubSpot customer, Australian Institute of Fitness.


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