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On-Demand: How to Shift to a Virtual Event Strategy

Your event season is cancelled. Now what?

Events can take months to plan. Years, even. So what happens when, in one unpredictable moment, you find yourself facing the choice of having to postpone, cancel, or go virtual with your event season?

Watch as Kim Darling, Vice President of Marketing at HubSpot and Executive Producer of HubSpot’s annual INBOUND event discusses event strategy. Kim talks through contingency planning, building meaningful online events, and lessons she’s learned about creating experiences and community in any situation.

We Discuss:


Decision-Making Framework

When should you pivot to a virtual event, and when should you reinvest the money in a different online strategy?

Running Effective Virtual Events

Learn how to cut through the noise, secure sponsorships, create connection virtually, and more.


Leveraging a Mixed-Media Approach

Go beyond the webinar software — learn how to approach a virtual event like a campaign and what tech you can invest in to enhance the attendee experience.


What if a Virtual Event isn't the Right Move?

How can you repurpose elements of your in-person event if you decide not to go virtual? Plus, pick up other strategies for connecting your community.

  1. KimDarlingBlue

    Speaker: Kim Darling

    Kim is an experienced vice president with a demonstrated history working in scale-up environments, building teams, curating and telling stories, growing revenue, leading international expansion, and having a lot of fun along the way. Kim currently leads the INBOUND brand, which includes the INBOUND event and the year-round video show.

Watch On-Demand

Please note, due to some technical issues the first few minutes do not have audio - if you fast forward to roughly 2:30 in the audio begins!


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