Every year the marketing landscape transforms with new technologies and techniques, which vary from region to region.

For the first time ever, HubSpot has created a UK-specific report documenting the marketing trends in the UK. We analysed data from hundreds of marketers and compiled the most interesting statistics into this report for your company.

Not only will you be able to see what your peers are doing, you will also gain access to the minds of industry leaders in the UK who provide their synopsis of what the data means for marketers, as well as providing their predictions for what's coming next.

Download the report and learn interesting statistics like:

  • The adoption of inbound marketing in the UK (79%) has grown 24% from last year
  • 64% of salespeople finally see social as a valuable lead source
  • Marketers with an SLA in place have higher inbound marketing budgets than those who don't
  • Marketers who are already successful with inbound are prioritising SEO
  • And much more ...

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