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Managing Social Media During a Crisis

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How should your company show up on social media right now?

Amidst the economic and global health crisis brought on by COVID-19, increased conversations around racial injustice, and more marketing teams across the globe have dramatically altered aspects of their social media strategy to meet the rapidly changing needs of their organization and their audiences.

From paid spend to content strategy, companies have found that having a plan for how and when to shift their strategy on social media is a MUST.  HubSpot Head of Social Media, Andrew Delaney, sits down with experts from Socialbakers and Talkwalker to discuss how to plan for the uncertain.

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Our Webinar Panel of Experts Will Discuss:


The Role of Social Media

What role should social media play for a company and how does that change in a time of unrest or crisis?


Organic Strategy

How should your brand show up on social media, how often should you post, and when should you not post?

Paid Strategy

How should your social advertising strategy change during the current economic and health crisis, or any crisis for the matter?

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This webinar took place at 10 AM PT | 1PM ET on August 20, 2020. Upon registering you will be redirected to a page to watch it and download our report.

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