• Agile Marketing Overview (PDF) - "Today's Marketplace Moves Fast: Is your Marketing Agile?" is a quick blog post overview of the concepts of using agile or scrum in marketing.  Use this to find out if others in your organization are open to modern, agile marketing and embarking on the journey laid out with the rest of this kit. (2 Page PDF)
  • Agile Marketing Presentation - "Go Agile or Go Home: Using Agile in Marketing" is a presentation that covers the basics of how to leverage agile project management to make your marketing efforts: fast, focused, prioritized and predictable.  (16 Slides)
  • Go Agile Workshop Discussion Guide (PDF) - Use this 2 page workshop guide to explore the concepts of agile for a project or a team.  Brainstorm and discuss how you might apply agile and if successful, move on to a full sprint or project plan using the excel template. (2 Page PDF)
  • Agile Sprint Planning Template (Excel) - Use this excel based sample sprint plan as a starting point to plan and manage your first sprint if you decide to take agile for a test drive.  This document also includes a simple glossary of agile terms. (1 Modifiable Excel Teamplate with 2 Tabs)
  • Sample Modern Marketing Team Org Chart (Powerpoint) - Successful marketing teams are closely aligned to the sales funnel they are helping to fill.  Check out this sample organization chart to see how some companies are lining up job responsibilities with business outcomes.  (2 Page PDF)
  • Modern Marketer Infographic (PDF) - "The Modern Marketer" is a fun and informative graphical representation of the talent profile marketing leaders should be hiring into their high performing teams. (1 Page PDF)
  • Inbound Marketing Hiring eBook (PDF) -
    "Hiring in the DARC Ages" is a chapter from the critically acclaimed Inbound Marketing book that will help you hire the right modern marketers who: are Digital Natives, are Analytical, have Reach and are Content Creators.  All the things you need to build your rockstar team.
  • Modern Marketer Interview Questions (PDF) - This quick cheat sheet includes the core questions every marketer should be asking of their potential co-workers to build a stellar modern marketing team. (2 Page PDF)
  • Transforming Your Marketing Team - MTW Episode 4 (Video) - This 30 minute video featuring Mike Volpe, HubSpot CMO, discusses how hiring, agile and experimentation all play a role in the modern marketing team.  Check out the page and scroll to the fourth video to get inspired!

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