Working with a paying HubSpot Sales Hub or Service Hub customer?

A HubSpot Partner working with a paying Sales Hub or Service Hub customer can request “Partner Access” to their clients’ portals at no additional charge to the Partner or client.

This grants the Partner user full access to paid seat functionality within their client’s portal. This means that the Partner can set up Documents, Templates, and Sequences for the client, but any sales emails they send would come from the Partner’s own email address, and any calls they make would come from the Partner's phone number.

As such, this access is intended to enable Partners to help their clients set up and manage their portals; NOT to act as a full member of their clients’ sales teams.

This access is not required for you to take advantage of the CRM functionality; nor the Portal-level functionality for Service Hub (Tickets, Knowledge Base, Customer Feedback).


The Partner user (the specific email address) requesting Partner access within their clients' portal MUST:

  1. Already be present in the client portal as a CRM administrator at the time of the request.
  2. Be present in the Partner portal’s user list at the time of the request.


The client portal to which the Partner is requesting this access MUST:  

  1. Have at least one paid HubSpot Sales or Service User.
  2. Be a non-Partner client. The portal to which the Partner is requesting access must not appear to be for Partner use/gain/abuse.


If the portal and users meet the above criteria, please submit your request via this form. Upon submission, the primary client HubSpot administrator will be notified, as well as the Partner’s assigned Channel Consultant at HubSpot. We will review your request, and if everything checks out, access will be granted in about 3 business days, or sooner. Multiple client HUB IDs can be added via a file upload. If submitting a bulk request via an excel form, please ensure all fields shown on the form below are clearly labeled in order to prevent a delay in the processing of the request.

Note: This service is not for provisioning client access to features or products, which should be purchased through the appropriate channels.

IMPORTANT: In order to prevent activities related to your agency (i.e. sending emails from your agency email account) from being logged in your client's CRM, you must ensure your HubSpot Sales email integration is not connected to your client's portal. This is the default setting and must be changed. Please refer to this Knowledge doc for instructions on how to change the account your new HubSpot Sales extension is connected to.