Resource Library Listing

Contribute your offers and templates to HubSpot's Resource Library.

Generate leads for your agency by hosting your content in the go-to resource center for marketers worldwide. The more specialized and targeted your offer is, the more likely it is to be found by the right leads.

This is a benefit for Gold+ partners.

How you can submit your offers.

Click the link below to fill out the Google form and submit your offers and templates to HubSpot's Marketing Resource Library.

Fill out all of the required information in the form, and someone from the Agency Partner team will be in touch with you once your offers have been added to the Marketing Resource Library. Please note that all content will be reviewed for quality control. All offers must be original to your agency and not created from whitelabeled content.

What's a good fit for the Marketing Resource Library?

We encourage a wide variety of educational content, from ebooks to templates and kits, geared toward current and potential HubSpot customers.

A Practical Guide to Building a Killer Content Strategy

Learn how to plan your content marketing with purpose and ease.

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How to Use Facebook for Mobile Marketing

Learn how to optimize your Facebook presence for mobile users.

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Inbound Marketing Kit

Want to know how to optimize your website to get more traffic and leads?

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What's a bad fit for the Marketing Resource Library?

Short and unengaged offers that border between educational and self-promotion materials, such as short checklists and questionnaires, are not a good fit for the Marketing Resource Library.

Website Redesign Client Questionnaire

Create a better scope of work by asking the right questions.

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Client & Agency Happiness Checklist

Discover the health of your client relationships.

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New Client Intake Form

Determine quickly if a prospect is a good fit for your agency.

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