Pivoting Your Website for Online Growth

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Your website is your new storefront. 

With how fast the world around us is changing, people are looking for more information than ever, and they’re looking for it online. In fact, website traffic has remained consistently higher than pre-COVID averages for 10+ weeks straight. 


Odds are good that in the last few weeks you’ve had to disseminate information faster than normal, move a portion of your go-to-market online, stand up an ecommerce platform, expand your customer support and education, or perhaps all the above. 

The moral of the story is, if your website wasn’t already top-of-mind as a main resource to grow awareness for your business, sell products or services, or keep your prospects and customers informed - it should be now. That’s why this week is all about helping you pivot how you use your website -- and fast.  

Among the Discussion Topics:


Why the Focus on Website Matters More than Ever

We'll look at how user behavior has changed over the years, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and talk about what that means for you as a business. 


Performance and Usability

How can you ensure your website is performing at the highest level possible, and what types of user behaviors should you be designing your website around right now?


Using Your Website for Growth

How can you design a website that not only performs well, but also creates new business opportunities for you to help drive revenue?

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This webinar took place at 11 AM ET on June 25, 2020. You can find the slides presented here.


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