Free Sales Performance Review Template

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Evaluate your reps' performance to goal, quarterly improvement, and areas of improvement to focus on. 

Make the most of your sales performance reviews.

You need productive reps. That said, you can't expect your salespeople to call, close, and repeat. Your employees need to know they have a path for improvement in your company, and you need to set goals for them to achieve. 

That's why we've made this free sales performance review template. You can download this Excel-based template and make a copy for each of your reps' performance reviews. 

This template includes sections for percent achievement to goal, improvement on soft skills, and areas of opportunity for your reps. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A performance review template is an pre-made prompt to help sales managers review their employees in an accurate and universal way. HubSpot's Sales Performance Review Template is built to do just that.

  • First, bring up the salesperson's goals and targets for the quarter. Then, compare how they performed – both qualitatively and quantitatively – against those goals. Finally, write down your overall assessment of the salesperson in a performance review. This Sales Performance Review Template from HubSpot can be used to help you write a better and more in-depth sales review.


  • Absolutely!

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  • Sales team performance is evaluated based on the team's overall attainment to their goal. However, each individual on a sales team performs differently, so you should review your sales team as individual reps with a custom sales performance review.

  • A sales performance review should contain objective information on each employee's performance. Specifically, the review should focus on whether or not the sales rep hit their goal, and if not, what must be done to do so in the future. Other things you can say in a sales performance review include interpersonal strengths of the salesperson, feedback from peers, or areas for growth and opportunity.

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  • Sales performance evaluations are important because they showcase an employee's ability to hit goal. They hold employees accountable for doing their jobs well. However, they're also important for managers to see when employees are doing well and recognize them for their accomplishments and contributions.

Improve your rep performance.