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Selling Through Uncertainty


The way that people buy has drastically changed over the past few weeks.

The days of handshake deals over coffee have been put on pause, and many are wondering - how do salespeople adjust? Is it still possible to build a pipeline and sell in a remote and hesitant world?

This week, join HubSpot's Chief Customer Officer Yamini Rangan as she sits down with some special partners from PandaDoc, Zoom, and Vidyard to discuss how sellers can pivot their sales motion to break through to buyers.

The Group Discusses:


Shifting Your Selling Mindset

How can sales reps stay energized and motivated in a remote world full of selling challenges?

Shifting from Outside to Inside Sales

What new motions do reps need to adopt to find success selling remotely? 


Breaking Through the Noise to Forge Better Connections

What tools and tactics can reps use to stand out in a prospect's inbox and earn their trust?

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This webinar took place at 11 AM ET on May 7, 2020.

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