The Social Media Trends Report: A Detailed Report to Drive Your Social Media Strategy Forward

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We got together with Talkwalker on a social media trends report to show you where experts think you should invest and pull back on for your social media strategy.

Everything you need to know for a successful social media strategy in 2021, based on new data and expert interviews

From near zero mentions in November 2019, to over 1.2B to date, the year has been dominated by the virus. COVID-19 was a catalyst, not an outcome. It expedited issues, ideas, and initiatives that were bubbling away, but may not have happened quite so soon without the crisis.

In this report, we’ll share the 2021 trends as defined by the experts, and by you, our audience. This year, we surveyed consumers to rate social meida trends and see how they’re impacting brands at ground level. We also interviewed over 50 industry experts around social media tactics they think will be important in 2021. The ten trends included in this report are ranked from what consumers think will be the least impactful to the most impactful.

There's a ton of brand new data in here, paired with expert analysis across industries, useful for startups, small businesses, and large enterprise companies. Jump in and get your social media strategy off to the right start for 2021.

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Learn how to set up your social media strategy based on data and expert analysis.