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The State of Partner Ops and Programs 2022

Market insights on partner operations, programs, and strategy based on a survey of over 650 partner professionals and executives
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Market Data and Insights

This in-depth report covers:

  • Data on the state of partner operations and its impact on revenue 
  • Insight on how organizations are managing partner programs
  • The biggest blockers to driving revenue from partnerships
  • The most common and most valued partner types
  • How organizations are buying and using partner specific technology
  • Advice from 10 executives from leading ecosystems, including the Chief Growth Officer of Xero, Head of Business Development at Asana, and the Head of Channel and Alliances at ZoomInfo

Download the report now to understand why 65% of organizations believe partnerships are very important to their future - and how you can best leverage partnerships to grow. 

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The buyer's journey has changed. Partners impact every stage, from awareness to loyalty. Learn how to grow with partners at scale.

Authored by Scott Brinker, Jay McBain, Asher Mathew, and Kelly Sarabyn, the report uncovers market insights on how partners can be the strongest moat to the competition: while product features can be copied, dense networks of organizations acting from mutual gain cannot easily be dismantled.  

As the business buying journey has become more digital and driven by community networks, the vendor gets less time with customers. Organizations are searching for better ways to connect with and understand their audiences.

Partners play a critical role in the new buying journey. They influence prospects, refer leads, co-build wholistic solutions, provide support during the sale, and service shared customers to boost mutual retention.

Read the report for insights and advice on creating a thriving ecosystem of partners.   

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